Employers Are Overpaying 


Dental Insurance is not insurance, it is a low cost and highly underused benefit. On average, 40% of employees don’t use their dental benefits every 12 months, less than 5% of employees actually hit their annual max and 80% of dental claims come from low cost preventative care procedures. 

Cost Transparency Doesn’t Exist for Patients 


Patients should not have to wait three weeks or more to get an estimate for dental coverage. Coverage for procedures should be transparent, and patients should not wait weeks to get a pre-authorization.


A Self-Funding Platform for Employers that Delivers Cost Transparency to Patients  


Employers design custom dental plans that meet their human resource and financial goals. Simply name the plan, set a contribution limit, set procedure coverage, and roll out the plan to employees. Your employees will have the their plans and benefits in real time, meaning they will be able to get a estimate instantly at the dental office. 


Dental Plans That Work for You, Literally  


Using state of the art Blockchain and Smart Contract technology, our solution autonomously adjudicate claims based on plan design and securely stores data on our distributed ledger. This means that you do not have to work with costly third parties to manage plans and adjudicate claims. . 


Happier, Healthier Employees  


At Promptous, we believe self-funding should be simple and easy. We know that you want to deliver the best dental coverage to your employees without having to pay inefficant insurance premiums so we developed a solution that allows you to save and allows your employees to enjoy true cost transparency.



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